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Healing after Abortion 

Is your right!

Post-Abortion Healing, Abortion therapist
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Your Story

Abortion is never an easy decision and unfortunately is one with a lot of stigma attached to it.  As a result, you may be grappling with feelings of shame and guilt with little to no support to process your experience.


I am here for you.

I see you.

Perhaps you feel resentful towards your partner or question, "Am I a good parent,?" Maybe you have  blamed yourself for becoming pregnant in the first place. Maybe you feel confident in your decision to have an abortion but at the same time are experiencing feelings of guilt about that. 

Whatever your story, you deserve to be heard



If you have experienced an abortion you may be thinking, "I shoudn't be complaining," or "I don't have a right to be sad, angry, etc because it was my decision,"or "I don't deserve to be upset because some people struggle to get pregnant."

 These thoughts disregard your feelings about your abortion. You have every right to grieve and feel whatever feelings come your way!


Together we will explore the complexities of emotions that can come with having an abortion such as relief and grief or shame and blame. 

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Through a combination of mindfullness and cognitive-behvaioral therapy techniques we will process your abortion experience. We will identify and practice calming strategies, explore and reframe negative thought patterns, and together, establish new, positive meaning to your story. 

You are worthy.


In Network with the following Insurance:





$150.00 - 60 minute Sessions


I also accept Out of Network Insurance

-Can provide a superbill

-Accepts HSA payment

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