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Birth, in all its magic, has an end. Parenthood is forever. 

Your postpartum experience is significant!

ParenTechnique offers FUN, supportive, & evidence-based childbirth education to equip families to make informed decisions and promote healthy outcomes for birthing people and their babies. have just given birth or become a parent to your newborn. You have read all the baby books, bought all the suggested baby items, and attended birthing or parenting classes all in anticipation of holding your baby. Now, baby's here. You're home alone with no nurses, doctors, or midwives. Sleep deprivation and dirty diapers become your new norm. Given you likely won't see one of these professionals again until your or baby's 6 week check-up, you deserve to have support, rest, and knowledge for yourself and your baby!


That's where postpartum doula services come in! 

Wouldn't it be nice to have a listening ear, some one to answer questions regarding "all things baby," and time for taking a nap, shower, or enjoying a cup of tea? 


Comprehensive Childbirth Education:

*Decreases need for newborn resuscitation

*Increases the rate of vaginal deliveries

*Decreases perineal trauma

*Decreases episiotomy rate

*on average, decreases the 2nd stage of labor, (pushing), by approximately 30 minutes!

We offer Motherboard Birth Childbirth Education materials to provide evidence-based, inclusive, and visually engaging classes! 



Postpartum Doula services can help you with:  


Processing your birth/adoption experience


Breast or Bottle Feeding


Light housekeeping

Diapering (cloth or disposable)


Setting up home to be baby friendly

Newborn sleeping & soothing techniques

Accompanying you and baby to postpartum and pediatric visits

Wading through the mounds of (often unsolicited) parental advice


Meal prep & planning

Freedom for self care such as napping, showering,  & enjoying cup of tea!

Baby care

Mental health consultation for perinatal mood or anxiety disorders by a licensed clinician

And much, MUCH more!

Childbirth Classes

ParenTechnique's Childbirth Education classes are available in person and virtually through Google Meet. 

**You may request an individualized class at any time**


Building Your Best Birth

This is a 30 minute course which discusses your options for birth settings, care providers, & the importance of  aligning both to meet YOUR values & goals. This class if HIGHLY recommended for ALL parents; first, second, or 4th timers! This class is FREE!!

Common Birth Interventions Series

This is a 3 part series, (45 min each), which reviews 5 common interventions, their pros, cons, and a helpful tools to make informed decisions about whether they are right for YOU! Interventions discussed include cervical checks, epidurals, and inductions, fetal monitoring,  provider tools. This class is recommended for  ALL parents, especially those choosing a hospital birth. Cost: $85.00

Newborn Care

This is a 2 hr class which covers a range of common newborn treatments, appearances, and care tips and tricks. This class is recommended class for first-time parents.

Cost: $90.00


Breast/Chest Feeding Class

This is a 2 hr class designed to engage participants in preparing to breast/chest feed their baby. Topics cover include, establishing support, how to latch, signs of healthy latch, ensuring baby is 'getting enough' milk, breast changes, pumping at work, and much more!This class is recommended for anyone planning to breast/chest feed.

Cost: $90.00


Comprehensive Childbirth Class

This is a 6 week, comprehensive childbirth class that covers ALL aspects of preparing for birth and immediate postpartum. This is a highly interactive class which has a "flipped class" format where participants will do practice assignments and watch videos ahead of each class to prepare. Topics include stages & phases of labor, pain theories/techniques, informed consent,comfort measures, variations in labor, etc. 

Cost: $540.00


Birth Planning Consultations

Consultations assist you in navigating providers, birth settings, and a birth team that match your values & goals. I provide context and evidence based information surrounding your individual questions and circumstances.

Cost: $50.00/hr

Forms of Payment Accepted:

Venmo, Credit/Debit Card

Postpartum Doula Packages


Package #1: 20 Hours



Package #2: 40 Hours



Package #3: 100 Hours 


Initial Consultation: During the initial consultation I meet with you, your partner, or any other person who will support you postpartum. Initial consultation can occur in your home or in a public setting such as a coffee or tea shop.


Packages: Services are charged at an hourly rate of $35.00.

All packages require minimum intervals of 2 hours.

**I provide overnight postpartum hours as long as I have availability. Overnight hours require a minimum of a 10/hr block.

 Overnight hours are charged at $40.00 per hour.

Nikki Colodny, M.Ed., MD 

"I recommend Autumn Ingram, LMSW without reservation. Autumn’s blend of competence, knowledge and kindness is extraordinary. I would send my daughter, and her family, to Autumn in a flash and know that they were receiving excellent information, support, and /or guidance." 



Emily Pagano, Parent

"Autumn is a wealth of knowledge—I took her cloth diapering workshop and went from feeling completely overwhelmed about potentially cloth diapering, to confidently planning to cloth diaper the daughter we were expecting. We also found Autumn to be really caring and supportive; she was incredibly patient in answering our questions and focused on helping our family figure out what was right for us. We’re looking forward to checking out her other workshops and postpartum support services!"

John and Pam S.

Parents, Tolland County

"My wife and I wanted to take a moment to express our appreciation to you and your staff for working with you to complete the Triple P-Positive Parenting program.  It’s been a little over a year since our family participated in the program and we feel very well prepared to help our child through difficult situations in the future.


At first, as you may remember, we were very skeptical to reach out for your help and involve you in our issues.   Thanks to your gentle persuasion and confidence in your skills and the Triple P Program, we accepted your offer to help us and we started the program in the summer of 2015.  Two week after we started the program, we knew we made the right decision as we realized that all parents could benefit from this course!


In looking back, Triple P really clicked for us when we implemented the techniques we learned from the Triple P videos and the role playing.  Just a few weeks after working with you, we were already gaining new ground. By rewarding her for her positive actions, and making her accountable for her own decisions, we have learned how to treat other with respect and we have grown stronger as a family.


If you ever need a referral or are working with a family who may be skeptical of the Triple P Program, please let me know.  We would be thrilled to recommend you and the program!

Thank you again for the opportunity to work with you and the valuable skills you have given our family."


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