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TRaumatic Birth

You are not alone


Birth Trauma: WHat is it?

So, your birth experience wasn't at ALL what you expected. Maybe you and your baby experienced medical complications and you felt a loss of control or feared for your safety. Maybe you had no complications but the treatment from staff left you feeling scared, invalidated, & uncared for. 


Have you found yourself vividly replaying particularly difficult moments of your birth? Do you have frequent scary thoughts about your birth or find yourself trying your hardest to avoid talking about it? Have you often thought your birth experience was your fault or find yourself overcome with thoughts that something terrible will happen to your baby? Or, maybe you thought about conceiving again but the thought of birthing brings feelings of fear? 


If you said "yes," or, "That's me, " for any of the above, you may have experienced a traumatic birth.

It's not you

1 in 3 people who give birth experience their birth as traumatic. This is in large part due to the current maternity system in the US which has the lowest outcomes for birthing people and babies out of all developed nations. Unfortunately, this statistic negatively impacts the physical and emotional health of parents and babies. As a result, some people develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, (PTSD), from their birth, however, you can still be struggling with your traumatic birth and not have PTSD.


Birth trauma is unique from other traumas in that with most other traumas every person involved is typically checked on, asked for what they need, and have their feelings validated. However with birth, the parent's wellbeing is seldom asked about as the focus is all on the baby. This stems from a societal view of "happy and healthy baby is what counts." This perspective can be extremely invalidating of your experience and current needs, often leading to feelings becoming "hidden" or repressed, only to find their way to the surface in ways mentioned above. I am here to remind you that ALL of YOU MATTER'S; your experiences, feelings, emotional & physical health just as your baby's does. 

Purple Blossom




Therapy works best when it's collaborative so we will work as partners to bring you to a place of growth. We will get to know one another and work together initially to identify where and how your traumatic birth is currently impacting your life. We will then move into practicing a variety of grounding techniques to help calm your body and mind before exploring your birth and the specific parts of it that have left you feeling guilty, scared, ashamed, angry, etc.

My additional experience as a birth and postpartum doula and childbirth educator has provided me a deeper context into the varying experiences a birthing person's body and mind can endure as well as specific knowledge on the spectrum of care offered by providers. 


In Network with the following Insurance:





$150.00 - 60 minute Sessions


I also accept Out of Network Insurance

-Can provide a superbill

-Accepts HSA payment

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